Knightly Orders of Moradin

The Knights of Clanggedin (Moradin’s son, patron god of honourable warriors) includes members of many races and the order has chapter houses across the former lands of the Empire. It has increasingly become a popular vocation for younger sons of noble families and it is in fact almost unheard of for commoners to gain admittance. They place a heavy emphasis on chivalry, honour etc. Symbol is two crossed axes (colours vary regionally).

Order of the Spear – essentially a knightly order for dragonborn commoners. The name refers to the traditional weapon of the dragonborn militias, before the Grazund Empire conquered the dragonborn city-states. While there are few nobles in the order, the typical member is not of peasant stock, instead usually coming from a merchant family or the son of a successful legionary. Like the Knights of Clanggedin, they place a heavy emphasis on good behaviour, charity etc, though are less concerned with good manners and appearance (the two orders do not get along). Despite the name, few knights of the order actually use a spear. Symbol is a black spearhead on a red background.

Order of Wralasar – another dragonborn order, named after a dragonborn warrior who converted to the worship of Moradin when the dwarves were invading the dragonborn city-states. He then helped the dwarves to hunt down and execute the followers of Tiamat who remained in the conquered territories (along with any witches, tieflings, or rebels who came to their attention). Wralasar was eventually murdered by one of his own followers. The Order continues his work, rooting out evil and destroying it. Their symbol is a gold dragon on a white background.

Cesian Order of the Blade – a relatively new order, the Cesian knights were founded a little under a century ago by Queen Cesianna. They were tasked with “ridding the land of the beasts which plague its peoples.” They are few in number (their chosen duty resulting in a short life expectancy), but almost any Cesian will recognise their coat of arms (a white troll skull on a black field). They are popular throughout the realm and even beyond, for they have come to the aid of many towns and villages over the last few decades, driving off or killing many of the monsters hiding in the wilds.

Knightly Orders of Moradin

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