The Races of Cesia


The majority of Cesia’s inhabitants are humans. Most are peasants, though there are plenty of human merchants, clergymen and men-at-arms. There are even a few human noble families, though these tend to be minor houses.

Half Orcs

While many assume that all Cesian half-orcs are of the nobility, this is actually only true of a small minority. Most, however, find positions within the household of a noble family. They serve as men-at-arms, servants, hunters, craftsmen and advisors.


Most dwarves live in Cesia’s cities. For the most part they create enclaves of their own, keeping themselves separate from the other races, with the exception of the halflings. Though no dwarf alive today remembers the empire, all have heard the stories of their grandparents and great-grandparents, who told them of the time when their people ruled over the other races. Though some believe that they should by right rule Cesia, most feel that they do not deserve such power. The dwarves of the cities are usually craftsmen or traders, though some serve as warriors and those that serve as clerics are particularly respected. They maintain ties to their brethren across the water and many foreign dwarves can be found in the enclaves, conducting trade or even taking up permanent residence.


The halflings are said to have come to the east with the dwarves. Their communities in the kingdom are now almost exclusively urban, though unlike the dwarves they freely mix with the other races. The stereotypical halfling is a fat merchant, drooling over a meat pie, or a skinny guttersnipe, planning on how to steal the same pie. Legend has it that the first halflings were born of humans and dwarves, just like half orcs and half elves. Such folk tales never explain why halflings are never born to human or dwarf parents these days and most assume they are just stories.


The elves are said to live far to the north of Cesia. Divided into many small kingdoms, the elves realms have had little to do with the affairs of dwarves or men since the fall of the Grazund Empire. Most elves seen in the south are bards, who travel the lands of the other races, practicing their craft and seeking inspiration for the epic song-tale they must compose for their masterpiece. And elf traveling in Cesia may pose as a bard to avoid awkward questions.

Half Elves

Like their elven kin, most half elves come from the distant north, but there a few half elf communities living in the dwarven city states across the water. Half elf bards are probably more common than elven ones, but half elves of other professions are just as common. As a result people won’t automatically assume every half elf they meet is a bard.


Most dragonborn come from their empire, far to the east of Cesia. They claim to be the rightful successors of the Grazund Empire. Their cities are large and wealthy and their legions said to be the greatest military in the known world.

Small enclaves of dragonborn live in the larger trading cities in the lakelands, though even there most of the inhabitants are visitors (merchants, guards, mercenaries, missionaries) from the empire, people who consider themselves imperial subjects rather than locals. The only such enclave of any size in Cesia is in the city of Orbath, where about 150 – 200 dragonborn can be found at any given time.

Most dragonborn worship Moradin, according to the teachings of the Iconoclast Church of Moradin. They believe that Moradin is not literally a dwarf, but a being who can take any form and sees all of the ‘good’ sentient races as his children

The Races of Cesia

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