History of Cesia

The founding of Cesia is a story told to every child in the kingdom. Over one hundred years ago the human ruler of Gorrundburg, Baron Donrim, married his beautiful daughter Cesianna to the great orc warlord Urrek. Donrim hoped that this marriage would end the orc attacks on his lands and even garner him an ally against his other human rivals. Once Cesianna was pregnant with his child, however, Urrek told her that once she gave him a son he planned to kill her and then take Gorrundburg for himself. Rather than accept her fate, the young princess waited until her husband was asleep and then slit his throat.

Urrek’s followers were furious, but Cesianna convinced them not to kill her, as she was pregnant with Urrek’s heir. Cesianna then seduced Urrek’s brother, Urrak, and convinced him to launch an attack on Gorrundburg. She tricked her father’s men into lowering their defenses, allowing the orcs to take the city with ease. When her father was captured, she had him brought before her. He begged her to convince the orcs to spare him, but instead Cesianna killed him herself, using Urrek’s axe to cut off Donrim’s head.

Normally the orcs would have killed or enslaved the people of Gorrundburg, but Cesianna suggested an alternative to Urrak. Her cousin Donrael was convinced to swear loyalty to Urrak and became the new lord of the city. To seal their alliance, Donrael and Cesianna were wed.

WIth control of both Urrak’s horde and Gorrundburg secured, Cesianna set about conquering her neighbours. In time, she gave birth to three sons, Urreksson, Donrach and Guldur (Urrak’s son), who would go on to form the three most powerful noble lines in Cesia. Urreksson was declared king after Urrak’s death, but he was wise enough to heed his mother’s advice. Upon Urreksson’s death, his young son took the throne, but Queen Cesianna ruled as regent.

Cesianna would rule over the new kingdom until her death at the age of 65. It is said she remained a beautiful woman well into old age, but eventually Moradin called he to his realm. Her grandson renamed the kingdom in her honour. Some believe that she will return to Cesia in its time of greatest need, to lead her people to victory once more.

History of Cesia

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